Hydraulic Hose
Eaton Aeroquip

Our inventory of hydraulic hose, fittings, and adapters is stocked with premier manufacturers, vast and local. Advanced Fluid Connectors is an Eaton distributor that can meet the needs of high-powered, high-pressure hydraulic equipment.

Industrial Hose
Industrial Hose
Indusrial & Production Hose

Count on Advanced Fluid Connectors to supply you with industrial hose that solves problems, exceeds expectations and delivers results.

Industrial Fittings
Industrial Fittings
Dixon Cam & Groove

We know you need more than just a quality hose assembly. That’s why Advanced Fluid Connectors offers a full coupling solution, developed to facilitate the use of crimped sleeves on industrial hoses.

Hydraulic Adapters
Hydraulic Adapters
Adapters & Accessories

Engineered to meet SAE and other industry standards, Advanced Fluid Connectors' hydraulic hose adapters are available in a wide variety of SAE and metric sizes and configurations to meet the challenges of any application

Industrial Supply
Industrial Supply
MRO, Safety, and Material Handling Supplies

Advanced Fluid Connectors we offer the premier manufacturers in the industry, the knowledge and application expertise of our sales staff and a wide variety of programs and services to complement our product. So whether you’re looking for a prime vendor program or just a way to streamline your current ordering process, let RW Connection provide you a customized solution designed to fit your needs.

OnGuard Asset Management
OnGuard Asset Management
Hose Safety

Reduce the risk of hose failures through routine hose inspections, testing and certification programs. Our OnGuard™™ hose management services include testing, tagging and traceability of your hoses from “cradle to grave”. These proactive programs are managed by our hose experts and keep you running efficiently and safely.

Hydraulic Hose
Hydraulic Hose
Industrial Hose
Industrial Hose
Industrial Fittings
Industrial Fittings
Hydraulic Adapters
Hydraulic Adapters
Industrial Supply
Industrial Supply
OnGuard Asset Management
OnGuard Asset Management
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Advanced Fluid Connectors is a leading hose and accessories distributor with two locations in the mid-Atlantic region.  Our locations in south-central Pennsylvania and central Maryland provide local sales support, custom hoses made while you wait and the ability to quickly manufacture large quantities of hoses for OEM accounts. 

Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about our personal service, custom solutions, and quality products.


Advanced Fluid Connectors are proud to offer customers stock and custom hose assemblies both hydraulic and industrial. Our product line also offers a full line of hose adapters, quick disconnects, covers, mounting clamps, pressure gauges, and other hydraulic hose accessories from premier manufacturers in the industry.

What sets us apart are our value-add services. Our Glen Burnie store offers Eaton Aeroquip Express — your hoses made while you wait in the store.


RW Connection and Advanced Fluid Connectors has joined the Singer Industrial family of industrial distributors. Singer Industrial is a group of value-added distributors in the industrial rubber products industry. We have 39 locations in the U.S. that serve a diverse market portfolio including petrochemical, oil/gas, food & beverage, OE equipment, marine, MRO, construction, rental supply.



  • Products for petroleum life cycle upstream, midstream or downstream
  • Exploration, drilling, stimulation or production
  • Hose for transfer of cement/LPG/oil, gasoline dispensing and suction/discharge
  • Gasket and sealing technology engineered to your fluid specifications


  • On road, off road, Rail or Barge products
  • Loading, unloading and all transfer applications
  • Petroleum, chemical and dry bulk solids
  • The sizes, pressure ratings, tube, cover, flexibility, long-lasting durability and service support your operations demand


  • High and low pressure hydraulic hose systems to handle extreme conditions
  • Specialized hose and fittings for turbo and charge air coolers, heater circuits and coolant system connections at temperatures from -65 to 500 F
  • Abrasion resistant covers for maximum service life


  •  In the pulp and paper industry, industrial conveyors are used in transporting paper rolls from one area to the other.
  • These paper rolls get transported by lamella conveyors. Such a conveyor has dual chains and ordinary rollers that come with bearings. These thin plate-like conveyors come in two types; those used to move rolls of paper on the sides and the others that carry standing rolls.


  • In addition to fabric-based conveyor belts, plastic modular belts, elastic belt types or timing belts, we also provide extra options such as profiles or sidewalls, various customized solutions and on-site service.
  • Hoses for handling in-plant and/or tank truck transfer of wine, beer, potable water and other non-oily, liquid foodstuffs.


  • Hose for your mobile farming equipment: PVC, Farm Fuel Transfer, Agriculture Spray Hose, and Microban technology
  • Conveyor Belt both light and heavyweight with applications in food packaging & processing industries
  • Complete hose testing, re-certification and management services


  • New Aeroquip Express Store for hose assemblies made while you wait.

  • Some store products include:

    • Hose clamps, covers and protectors adding longer hose life and safety.

    • Pressure gauges, test ports and quick disconnects for convenience and speed.

    • Hose test stand for certification and quality control.

    • Hand tools, work gloves and accessories at department store prices.

    • Hydraulic fluid (by 5 gallon containers) – great for emergencies or back-up.

In 1989, Advanced Fluid Systems started a hose and fittings distributorship in York, PA using the name Advanced Fluid Connectors. Their philosophy has always been: “learn the customer’s business, build a relationship and a partnership, and provide them with the highest quality solutions, product, and services available”.

In 1994, we expanded our brand to the Glen Burnie, MD location that is still in use today.

Advanced Fluid Connectors, affectionately referred to as ‘AFC’ became a member of the R/W Connection family on April 7th, 2006. The move gave Advanced Fluid Connectors access to the industrial products and resources of R/W Connections, and R/W expands their already impressive line of industrial hose and products to the York, PA and southern Maryland markets.

Located next to BWI airport, access to our Glen Burnie location is quick and convenient no matter which direction you are coming from.  A large inventory of hydraulic and pneumatic hose, hose ends and adapters allows us to make your new hose in minutes.

We have branches in Emigsville, PA and Glen Burnie, MD and are part of a family of Singer Industrial and R/W Connection, Inc., which boasts distributors of like products with value-added services nationwide.

Learn more about our corporate branches at Singer Industrial and R/W Connection.


NAHAD has created the correct methods of hose assembly which qualified distributors follow. This provides the safest hose assemblies available in the market today. Not all distributors are members and therefore may not be compliant in hose fabrication and testing.

Advanced Fluid Connectors also offers electronic tracking of hose assemblies. This allows customers to view on any internet connected PC, when their hoses were fabricated, tested, retested or repaired. It also facilitates removal from service of hoses that may be nearing the end of their expected life. Many customers will replace critical hoses on an annual basis which this program facilitates. Ask your Advanced Fluid Connectors’ Sales Representative for additional details or a demonstration.

NAHAD also has a website that goes into more detail about the programs that are available. Access to the assembly guidelines is limited to the authorized distributors but we will gladly accommodate your requirement and help you with any in-house hose fabrication you may be considering. Visit www.NAHAD.org for some information on the benefits of this fine organization.

Advanced Fluid Connectors also offers plant-wide safety inspections of hoses and couplings with recommendations on safe hose routing and protection. Please call 800-355-7974 to speak to a representative.

S: Size

The inside diameter, outside diameter and length of your hose assembly.

T: Temperature

The temperature range of the media being conveyed through the hose assembly. Temperature also includes the external working environment of the hose assembly.

A: Application

The specific conditions of use.

M: Media

The media or material being conveyed through the assembly.

P: Pressure

The pressures in which the assembly will be exposed to.

E: Ends

The proper fittings needed for the hose assembly, style, orientation and attachment methods are all important factors when choosing the proper ends for your hose assembly.

D: Delivery

Testing, packaging and delivery standards set by end user.


Our company is one of the largest, premier, stocking distributors of hose, fittings, ducting and tubing in the Mid-Atlantic region. We represent the leading manufacturers in the industry and follow NAHAD and UL established guidelines for our fabrication capabilities to ensure consistent, safe, quality assemblies. Whatever the application; Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Petroleum, Construction or General Plant maintenance, we can provide you with the right product for your needs.

We can supply all your industrial hose needs including Air, Water, Steam, Material-Handling, Chemical, Petroleum, Marine, Food, LPG, Sandblast, Gunite, DOT Airbrake to name a few.

Our custom hose assemblies have general maintenance, construction or OEM applications. Crimping capabilities for hydraulic hose up to 2″ 5000 psi, with 1-1/2″ up to 6000 psi. Industrial hose can be crimped up to 10″. With hydrostatic pressure testing up to 50,000 psi tagging and certification, you can be sure you are getting the quality hose assembly you need.

We are proud to be a member of NAHAD for Hose Assembly Guidelines for Hydraulic & Industrial hose. We also are an Eaton Aeroquip Express Hose Center, and an Eaton Certified channel partner for the OEM market.

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Our inventory of hydraulic hose, fittings, and adapters is stocked with premier manufacturers, vast and local. Advanced Fluid Connectors is an Eaton distributor that can meet the needs of high-powered, high-pressure hydraulic equipment. As part of an integrated solution, the spiral-wire and wire-braid hose and coupling products offer peak performance and flexibility.

Our customers are in the most demanding industries such as construction, refuse, agriculture, mining and oil and gas. Customers applications challenge the strength and durability of even the toughest components. We can crimp 1/4″ – 2.5″ up to 10,000 PSI working pressure and 1-1 & 1/2″ up to 6000 PSI working pressure.


Our quality hydraulic hose assemblies feature improved hose construction technologies such as improved wire reinforcement designs and processing and new insulation materials that are abrasion resistant and color-coded (making it easy to install).

Adapters & Quick Disconnects

Representing the premier manufacturers in the industry and available in steel, stainless, monel and brass for all the U.S. and International thread connections. We specialize in metric compression tube fitting adapters as well as instrumentation tube fittings.

We have a complete line of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Quick Disconnect couplers as well. Our stock options are Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel. ISO 16028 Flush Face, ISO A Interchange, ISO B Interchange, Ag Style Interchange, Straight Throughs, Bowes & Thor Interchange. We also offer a large variety of Connect Under Pressure & Sleeve Lock styles.

Industrial & Hydraulic Accessories

Clamps in a variety of styles, from Worm Gear to SS T-bolts and P-Clamps. Filters for high and low pressure applications servicing the Hydraulic, Lube, Oil, and Air markets. Spin On filters, Return Line filters, as well as Suction Strainers. Test equipment including Diagnostic Couplers, Test Points and pressure gauges. Hose reels for all applications, including air,water, electrical and hydraulic available in steel and stainless steel.

We offer a complete line of industrial hose fittings. Just to name a few: Cam & Groove, Quick Couplers, Dry Breaks, Sanitary and tube fittings.

We carry the premier names in the industry such as Eaton, Continental Contitech, Kanaflex and more with an extensive inventory in multiple locations, including a full complement line of fittings and accessories. We specialize in large diameter hoses including up to 12” heavy duty rubber suction and discharge.

Ducting from 1″ to 24″ in stock, cut lengths.

Tubing Materials

  • TeflonTM
  • Polyurethane
  • PVC
  • Gum
  • Neoprene
  • EPDM
  • Nylon
  • Silicone

Ducting Materials

  • PVC
  • Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Urethane
  • Silicone
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

As a member of RW Connection, we also offer a full line of Industrial Supplies. To learn more, please visit R/W Connection’s website or download our Industrial Supply brochure.

MRO Supplies

  • Abrasives
  • Cutting Tools
  • Lubricants
  • Power Tools
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Saw Blades
  • Tapes
  • Janitorial Supplies

Safety Supplies

  • Ear Protection
  • First Aid Kits
  • Hard Hats
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sorbent Products
  • Gloves
  • Safety Vests
  • Water Coolers
  • Ladders

Material Handling Supplies

  • Air Hoists
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Lifting Clamps
  • Load Binders
  • Shackles
  • Synthetic Slings
  • Manila & Nylon Rope
  • Wire Rope
  • Wire Rope Slings

Our own Viking line of belt is manufactured Tough and Tested Tough on over 70 miles to date in some of the most torturing applications…VIKING® PREMIUM Belt uses Premium Polyester/Nylon fabric in the belt carcass with a full 10 to 1 break strength for minimum stretch, maximum fastener retention and superior load support.

The Grade II SBR/Natural PREMIUM rubber compound significantly exceeds RMA 2 specifications and even approaches RMA , which results in a “best buy” for handling abrasive materials like limestone, crushed rock, coal, sand and gravel. Heavy rubber skims and high adhesions between plies team with a heavy overall gauge make an exceptionally impact resistant, long lasting conveyor belt.

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

Single ply, two, three and four multi-ply
Hot Belt, Cleated Incline, Corrugated Sidewall

Lightweight Conveyor Belt

Food Belting & Bulk Handling
Packaged Handling
PVC & Urethane
Cleated Incline
High & Low-Temperature Belt
Rough-Top, Diamond Top, Table Top Chain

Wing & Drum Pulleys

Any size drum and wing pulley in standard, heavy and mine duty manufactured right here in the USA for any applications you may have. Complete packages available including lagging, shaft and bearings.

Conveyor Accessories

FLEXCO, CONSHEAR and other top brands carried. We have a full line of belt cleaners, skirt systems and rubber, slider beds. Custom solutions offered with complete dust suppression systems for the pulp and paper industry. A variety of cleaners offered are designed to deliver and maintain superior cleaning efficiency even on the most demanding, abusive belt lines. Our cleaners have tough carbide-tipped blades provide long wear life, high-performance cleaning and compatibility with mechanical splices.


At Advanced Fluid Connectors, we understand the importance of the material handling systems to the smooth operation of your facility. The old saying “Time is Money” is an understatement when your systems are down. That is where we can help.

Advanced Fluid Connectors knows that sometimes things break after normal business hours and we are available to help. Each location has an answering machine with the after-hours emergency number you can call.

  • Customized part numbering
  • Hose assembly cleaning
  • On-Site prototype plumbing availables for OEMs
  • New & Used Equipment sales
  • Blanket Orders
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service & Scheduled Deliveries
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs
  • Crimping equipment lease programs
  • Hydrostatic hose testing and pressure testing certification
  • Point of Use programs
  • Hose OEM kitting
  • Custom labeling and packaging

Hose Crimper Placement and Sales

A good part of our business is placing a hydraulic hose crimp machine at a customer’s facility so they can build their own hose assemblies. Making your own hoses has many benefits including reduced downtime, lower hose costs, and increased on-site production. There are different models of machines used, determined by the customer’s needs. Some of the crimpers are:

  • FT1380 model will crimp four wire up to 1-1/4½ I.D.
  • ET1000 model, which will crimp one and two wire up to 1-1/4½ I.D.
  • FT1390 model, the “ultimate crimper”, will crimp six wire up to 2½ I.D.

Pressure Test and Hose Certification

Many customers require a degree of product quality and consistency which can only be achieved through product testing. Our hydrostatic tests for industrial hose can certify your hose up to sizes up to 10″.

With Eaton/Aeroquip FT1261 pressure test bench, we can safely pressurize your hose up to 22,000 PSI in sizes to 2.”

We can test to your specifications, or use our standard NAVSEA test, which is two times operating pressure of the hose for a period of 10 minutes. Documentation and certification can also be provided.

Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Customers who have their own crimper, or have many hose and adapters in their inventory, use our managed inventory services to reduce the time and costs associated with managing their own inventory. It’s a joint venture, where the customer and our company representative determine the inventory level for each of the items we supply, and restock them as needed.

We physically inventory your stock on a regular basis, place an order for the difference and often times deliver the product on our next visit.




OnGuard for Hose

OnGuard for Belt

OnGuard for Rigging

Reduce the risk of hose failures through routine hose inspections, testing and certification programs. Our OnGuard™® hose management services include testing, tagging and traceability of your hoses from “cradle to grave”. These proactive programs are managed by our hose experts and keep you running efficiently and safely.

Remove the risk of failures and maximize the life of your conveyor belts through the use of our exclusive OnGuard™ Belt Management program. Our industry experts can provide on-site surveys of your systems, and in conjunction with our belt analyst software, help recommend the right belt for the application.

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. has partnered with the industry leading RFID provider INFOCHIP Systems, Inc. to deliver an innovative solution that streamlines your inspection, maintenance, certification and tracking process. RFID, Radio Frequency tagging makes life a little easier.


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30 Aberdeen Road
York, PA 17318
Phone: (717) 767-3660
Fax: (717)-767-1512

899C Airport Park Rd.
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone: (410)-553-0300
Fax: (410)-553-9536